Global Leader manufacturing Ni-Al Bronze castings

We have close to 50 years’ track record in delivering highest quality marine propellers, and Ni-Al bronze components for the marine and energy markets

of propellers
& components

We specialize in the manufacture of propellers and components in bronze alloy for the international naval market.


We take pride in our meticulous engineering process, ensuring the highest quality standards.


We boast extensive expertise in casting copper alloys and crafting exceptional models.


Advanced machining capabilities to bring your designs to life with utmost precision.


Our commitment to excellence extends to the finishing stage of our blades and propellers.

About us

We are a renowned manufacturer of propellers, with a rich history dating back to our establishment in 1974. Originally founded as a joint venture between LIPS (NL) and AESA (Spain), we started our journey as Navalips S.A., specializing in the production of propellers for the maritime industry.

Years of experience
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Repair services

All repair services for naval industry

Workshop with full service for the CASTING and REPAIR of fixed pitch Propellers and Variable Pitch propeller Blades weighing up to 9 tons.


Quality is what define us


Strategic guidance

Our Technical Office plays a crucial role in driving innovation and ensuring precision throughout our manufacturing process.

Advanced software

Our engineers create detailed 3D models of the components. These models serve as the foundation for developing casting patterns

Finishing templates

These templates ensure precise adjustment of the leading and trailing edges of the blades, optimizing their hydrodynamic performance

Precise machining programs

These programs enable us to achieve the exact specifications and tolerances required for each component.

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