Manufacture of components for propellers

At JC Navalips, we specialize in manufacturing a wide range of high-quality components for propellers, including hubs, caps, blade carriers, yokes, and more. These components play a critical role in the overall performance and functionality of propeller systems.

With our expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we deliver exceptional products that meet the stringent requirements of the maritime industry.


Established in 1974.


Specialized in the production of propellers for the maritime industry.


Reliable, efficient, and technologically advanced propellers.

Key aspects of our component manufacturing capabilities at JC Navalips include:

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our rigorous quality control processes. From the selection of premium materials to the precision machining and assembly of components, we ensure that each product meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our experienced team works diligently to ensure that every component we manufacture performs flawlessly under demanding marine conditions.

Expertise and Knowledge

Our technical team possesses extensive knowledge and experience in propeller component manufacturing. We understand the intricate requirements of propeller systems and have the expertise to deliver components that meet or exceed industry standards.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques:

We leverage cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, including CNC machining and advanced casting methods, to produce components with exceptional precision and accuracy. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment enable us to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Stringent Quality Control

We have robust quality control processes in place to ensure that each component meets the highest standards of performance, durability, and safety. Our commitment to quality extends throughout the entire manufacturing process, from raw material selection to final inspection.

Why choose us?

At JC Navalips, we are dedicated to providing reliable and high-performance components for propellers.

Whether you need hubs, caps, blade carriers, yokes, or other propeller components, we have the expertise and capabilities to meet your requirements. By choosing our products, you can be confident in the reliability, durability, and performance of your propeller system.

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