Wärtsilä to divest Delivery Centre Santander to Javier Cavada Corporación Cantabria

By Wärtsilä Corporation, Press release 31 May 2021

Wärtsilä, the technology group, has recently announced the sale of Delivery Centre Santander (“DCS”) to Javier Cavada Corporación Cantabria (“JCCC”), marking a significant divestment. Delivery Centre Santander is an advanced manufacturing facility situated in Northern Spain’s Santander region, specializing in the production of top-quality NiAlBronze alloys through state-of-the-art foundry processes. The facility employs a team of 45 skilled professionals and boasts an impressive annual casting capacity of 700 tons.

As part of this transaction, Wärtsilä and JCCC have also entered into a strategic supply agreement. Under this agreement, JCCC will become a trusted supplier of bronze alloy casting parts to Wärtsilä’s Marine Power business unit, specifically focusing on propulsion systems. Going forward, both companies will collaborate closely to jointly enhance and optimize Wärtsilä’s propulsion propeller portfolio.

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