Cavada buys the Wärtsilä propeller factory to expand its activity to offshore wind

Javier Cavada, the Cantabrian engineer and president of the British multinational Highview Power, has acquired the Navalips naval propeller factory from the Finnish group Wartsila, with which he has been closely associated for many years. Cavada takes ownership of the facility, which employs 45 people and generates an annual revenue of approximately twelve million euros, while Wartsila guarantees him several years of the same workload that the subsidiary had before. In addition to maintaining the current operations, Cavada intends to establish a new line of large bronze blades for offshore wind energy at the factory.

Cavada has previously served as the global vice president of Wartsila and the president of its energy division, which experienced the highest growth rate by setting up power generation plants on all five continents. His extensive knowledge of this market led the Cantabrian engineer to strike a deal with his company, taking on a leading role in another enterprise with promising prospects: the British company Highview Power. This company was just starting out with an innovative technology for electricity storage through compressed air, and Cavada saw tremendous potential in it.

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